Water Damage


An issue that no one is exempt from. It could be a leaky pipe or serious flood problems. If you want to prevent or repair water damage, let Network Property Restoration Services help.

When we arrive on the scene, we can first stop contaminants from spreading. We will then remove the excess moisture that is starting to take a toll on your house. The quicker this process begins the better we will be able to prevent secondary damage and limit water damage repairs. Once our equipment has thoroughly dried the house, we can treat floors and other areas with an anti-microbial agent that can help prevent long-term damage.


    1. Inspection and assessment
    2. Water removal
    3. Anti-microbial application
    4. Drying: air movement
    5. Drying: dehumidifying
    6. Drying: monitoring
    7. Perform all reconstruction needed (All Trades)


    1. Clean water: low risk to humans (i.e. fresh water supply line)
    2. Gray water: contains some degree of contamination (i.e. sump pump failure, washing machine overflow)
    3. Black water: always contains pathogenic agents (i.e. sewage or flood water) and must be treated by a professional

    Steps you can take before we arrive:

    1. Keep yourself safe. Rooms that have saggy ceilings (from retaining water) should be avoided.
    2. Pick up sentimental items and remove from effected area.
    3. Protect your furniture by placing protective pads, or foil, underneath the legs. This will help deter carpet staining.
    4. Take note of the rooms/areas that have received damage and take photos.


    Upon calling us, we will:

    1. Respond quickly
    2. Make sure the drying process is progressing as it should
    3. Document everything with photos and notes
    4. Take inventory of your damaged items
    5. Help you understand and navigate the claims process

    These steps can help you settle with your insurance company to ensure that you are compensated. Trying to do it all on your own may result in you missing out on these important benefits, which can drag out the process causing further damage. There are also factors that you may not be aware of that we can help with.

    *Remember: The faster you act the less opportunity there is for further damage and mold/mildew growth.