Ryan Griffin


I just want to send you a quick note to thank you for all of your help these past couple of weeks with my unit and the other units in building 10 that were damaged from the water heater leak in unit 1015. Over the course of this minor crisis, I have had the pleasure in talking with you, Shawn, and Braden and I was treated with friendliness, promptness, and professionalism by everyone.

Here's a summary of my experience...

My tenant was the first person to discover the leak when she noticed some standing water in the kitchen and outside in the breezeway a week or so before Christmas. After she called me, I notified the Concord Management Office and then I hurried over. By the time I arrived about 15 minutes later, Shawn was already on the scene, had entered Unit 1015, found the source of the problem, and turned off the water. He was already on the phone calling in the emergency crew. Shawn assured me that Network would work very quickly to get the water and any remaining moisture removed from the units. He also pointed out the source of the problem as being the meter on top of the water heater which was previously used when the units were apartments. When I returned about five hours later after work to inspect the progress, I was amazed to see a group of workers in my unit, and another group in Unit 1015 working diligently to resolve the crisis. I was greeted in my unit again by Shawn and also Braden. They both stopped what they were doing to take the time to reassure me that everything would be resolved and to explain the process of dehumidifying and repairing my unit. They had planned to be there late in to the night to get the job done, and I left my unit that evening knowing that we had the right guys on the job and I had complete trust in Shawn and Braden. 

A few days after my unit was completely dry and the damage contained. I was told by T. Newton (owner of the unit) that you would be overseeing the repair process and he provided me your contact info. After the Christmas holiday, I contacted you by phone, and I was pleasantly surprised that you were immediately available to speak by phone. You said you would check out the damage on my unit and follow up with me by the end of the day. On my way home from work, I stopped by the unit and happened to run in to you in person as you were working on Unit 1015. We viewed the damage in my unit, and you said you were hoping to get a crew in to my unit on Thursday January 2nd, to have the job done or close to being done before my tenant returned on Sunday. You had warned me that it would be tough to be completely finished by the time she returned, as your crew was still finishing the other units, and the carpet stretcher would need to be scheduled also. You followed up with me by phone on Friday as you had promised and told me the good news that everything was progressing and that my tenant would be able to at least get back in the unit Sunday, and that you hoped to finish repairs by end of the day on Monday. I stopped by the unit on [Sunday to] check on the progress and was completely blown away that not only were all the repairs completed ahead of schedule and before my tenant returned from vacation, but also by the quality of work.

From the moment Network was on the scene of this incident, it has been handled very professionally, quickly, and carefully. It's very reassuring to know that the work that is being done is not only quality work, but is also being done by reliable folks who take the time to explain the process, are easily accessible by phone, and follow up when they say they will. Thank you again for your prompt attention to this matter and for how you handled everything. I passed along my praises of you and Network the Concord management office. I would highly recommend Network to anyone, and will certainly be using your services again in the future if needed.