Dr. Tom Welsh

Mr. Rogers,    

     I want to thank you and your team for their involvement with my insurance claim. All of you have been extremely helpful and understanding of my difficult situation and tight time frame. I especially want to recognize Matthew Harmon as a pivotal part in this process.

I feel extremely lucky that my adjuster chose him to assess the damages to my home. He accurately diagnosed a unique and difficult problem with minimal issues. I am confident that other contractors would have caused collateral damage all over my home during the diagnostic process which would have driven up the cost to me. Matt was able to put me at ease and made me feel as comfortable as possible while I was dealing with a very stressful situation. After speaking with Matt I was certain that the team at Network Restoration were the right contractors for this job.

Matt definitely casts Network Restoration in a positive light and after dealing with all the situations which arose during this repair process; I now know that all his previous statements are true.

All of your team have been professional and efficient. Matt is the embodiment of professionalism and customer service. He was very patient with me and fielded my calls, questions and concerns with thorough follow through. I feel like I have finally found a contractor firm which cares about the individual and their property not just their bottom line.
After dealing with all involved; I would gladly recommend Network Restorations to any of my friends, family or colleagues for any of their contractor needs (in fact, I plan on displaying your cards in my office waiting room) . I know that if the need should ever arise to need contractor services in the future; I will not think twice about contacting Network Restoration.

Thank You for all you’ve done,


Dr. Tom Welsh

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