Mold And Mildew

Mold and mold spores cannot be completely wiped out of your home, or business. It's a natural occurence in all structures. Spores only need moisture, and this moisture can come from high humidity, flood damage, leaky pipes/roof, etc. in order to grow. Mold can grow on, or behind, multiple surfaces including:






Ceiling Tiles



Where Do I Look?

Mold loves to hide in damp, dark areas. Start by checking your kitchen, bathrooms, storage areas (such as attics), in cabinets, basements, plumbing spaces, areas without proper ventilation, areas with recent flood damage, etc. If you have the misfortune of discovering mold, don't delay in calling us. Spores can grow into fully formed mold within 24 to 48 hours given the right enviornment and circumstance. 

Mold vs. Mildew

Mold: Colors range from blues, greens, blacks, and reds. Certain types can be harmless, but do not risk the health of your family and structure. Always consult your physician.

Mildew: Colors range from grays to whites. It can be identified by it's powdery/fuzzy form.

What's My Next Step?

Mold Remediation: Call an AMRT specialist to determine a cause and proper procedure for remediation.

Network recommends, in some cases, calling a third party CIH (certified industrial hygienist) to create the proper protocol and provide clearance testing.

*Remember to act fast after discovering mold in your home, or business.

*Not all molds are the same. What seems like a minor problem can be a major risk.

*Not only is it harmful to your structure but it can pose serious problems to your health when you or your employees are exposed to it for extended periods of time.