Fire And Smoke Damage

First and foremost, do not try to clean after a fire, call a restoration professional.

During the course of a fire, smoke and soot will cover areas throughout the structure. It is typical for water intrusion to be present in the building from heavily impacted areas near the source or mildly impacted areas away from the source. Water will flow down from the floor above and across the floor laterally.

Network Property Restoration will be taking comprehensive documentation through all steps/phases of the emergency work. Documentation consists of, but is not limited to; photo documentation, daily moisture readings, inventory of damaged personal property, and an agreed scope with you insurance adjuster.

Your next steps:

  1. Contact your insurance agent or carrier.
  2. Call a professional restoration contractor to secure your property to prevent further damage/issues.
  3. If fire damage occurs in the cold seasons Network can winterize your home and contact a plumber to drain and blow out all water lines.
  4. Be careful not to throw out your personal items (even the damaged ones) until an inventory is taken. Your insurance company will need this information in order to properly help you.

*Do not enter the structure. If you must, wear protective equipment. Remember: Just because the fire is over does not mean it's safe.

*Do not use electrical appliances (i.e. TV, computer, stereo, etc.) until a professional has cleaned/checked the circuits, electrical lines, and devices.

*Do not touch walls, upholstery items, woodwork, etc. Oil from your hands can actually cause further damage and the spread of soot and smell.